There has been no confirmed and verified sighting of Hilal for the month of Jamada-Al-Awwal from within the     parameters of the Hilal   Committee on the eve of Wednesday 17th January 2018, 29th Rabi-Al-Thani. 

 Therefore Rabi-Al-Thani will complete 30 days and the Hilal Committee declares Friday 19th January 2018 the 01st of Jamada-Al-Awwal.

 The next meeting of the Hilal committee to determine the Hilal sighting for the month of Jamada-Al-Thani will take place on the eve of Friday 29th Jamada-Al-Awwal – 16th February 2018. Insha-Allah meeting will be at Madinah Masjid. 1015 Danforth Ave. Toronto. Masajid and organizations are requested to send their reps at least half -hour before sunset. 

 The calendar of Hilal Committee are still available and interested organizations are requested to contact Madinah Masjid.